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Tummy-Tummy Noodles is an authentic Nigerian noodles that you can find in Supermarkets, open markets. It has revolutionized the noodle industry and has now taken over convenience stores in Nigeria. It comes in numerous different varieties, flavors, and sizes, and is one of the easiest foods to have on the go.

It is no exaggeration to say that there is probably no one who hasn’t tastedaz tummy-tummy noodles at least once. It’s cheap, tasty, and it has become the famous choice lifesaver for the most drastic of dining occasions. Not just valued for its convenience, tummy-tummy noodles are also universally viewed as a food that is capable of bestowing comfort and a full-stomach in times of dire need.

So whether you’re fishing for something to eat and there’s nothing in the fridge or you’re too ill-equipped to cook at the moment and need an instant food-fix—tummy tummy noodles can be that hunger-reliever you’re looking for.  Here are five lesser known facts of the product.

  1. It’s Cheap and Filling

Did you know that Tummy-Tummy Noodles is a popular food among pupils, and University students across Nigeria as it is very cheap? It is so cheap and filling that many people living on a budget love it. Let’s put this into perspective, shall we? It is estimated that you would not be shell out more than about N25, 550 per year if you solely lived off tummy-tummy noodles every day!

A packet of tummy-tummy noodles can be bought for as cheap as 70 naira! An average person, either in Lagos, Abuja, or Port-Harcourt, spends a huge amount of money every year solely on food consumption. Some of them end up with no savings at all from their wages as a result of excessive spending. Imagine the possibilities for saving money on food when you have a huge student debt to repay or renewing your house rent?  You can find so many different flavors of tummy- tummy noodles from seafood flavor to chicken flavor which is equally satisfying.

  1. It’s a Noodle that’s steeped in nationalism

The Noodles is the first made in Nigeria Noodles. It is a god own finger food that tells our gourmet stories as a country. The taste is delicious and each forkful keeps you gunning for more. There may be a whole lot of Noodles out there, but if you are a noodle fan or a tourist who wants to taste a Nigerian made Noodle, you need to try tummy-tummy noodles.

  1. Simple tasty Seasoning

The tummy-tummy seasoning is simple and delicious.  Tummy- tummy does not add preservatives. The noodles and seasoning packet are dehydrated, so they have no risk of spoilage. Also, every packet of tummy-tummy noodles comes with a vegetable sachet inside. It means you get to enjoy your noodles in a whole different way with an eclectic taste. Leafy veggies like cabbage, spinach and others are considered as super foods for your health and this is exactly what we added in our veggie sachet seasoning.

  1. Easily Digestible

Many people love Tummy-Tummy noodles because they’re light and easy to digest. With the two flavors, it makes sense that the body would process these noodles quickly and easily.  Besides being a good source of carbohydrates, it is rich in fibre which makes it more easily digestible. The Noodles is so easy on the stomach that it stimulates your digestive system.

  1. It’s Very Healthy

We always say you are what you eat and that is true. Eating noodles rich in vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diets may reduce risk for heart disease, including heart attack and stroke.

If you haven’t tried tummy-tummy noodles, it’s worth a taste, especially in a delicious bowl spiced with its vegetables.