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5 Major Reasons Why Tummy-Tummy Noodles Took Over Nigerian Market

What comes to mind when you think of Noodles? Do you drool or sigh easily because you feel that Noodles are way too light and cannot really be seen as a food. There was a time in Nigeria when people rarely eat Noodles. But that was then, these days Noodles are consumed nationally more than any other food.  Noodles have become the most recognized food in Nigeria, and consumption is on the rise. The properties of noodles like taste, nutrition, convenience, safety, longer shelf-life, and reasonable price have made them popular. But however, Nigerians were not satisfied until they were introduced into the world of Tummy-Tummy Noodles which is a comfort food, easy to make, consistent, and surprisingly delicious.

This Nigerians Dinner of last resort, that is bought in bulk, ready in minutes, is cheap, unremarkable food. Never boring —that flavor you can’t quite describe, but instantly leaves you wanting more.

People buy Tummy-Tummy Noodles not just because of its flavor and texture or budget friendly it has gradually become but because they see it as a national symbol; what the noodles represented. It is hard to get bored of eating Tummy-Tummy noodles as there are so many flavors to choose from, tasty flavors too.

Which Nigerian person with a strong craving doesn’t like a flavorful meal? The spicy chicken flavor and the rich seafood flavor with vegetables, no one. The quality and the ingredients used in preparing make it an irresistible food. Little wonder, Nigerians have started adopting Tummy-Tummy noodles as their most preferred noodles. Below are 5 Major Reasons Why Tummy-Tummy Noodles Took +over the Nigerian Market.

5 Major Reasons Why Tummy-Tummy Noodles Took Over Nigerian Market

  1. Highly Nutritious: Tummy-Tummy Noodles is enriched with vegetables and a sea flavor which provide substantial amounts of riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, iron and thiamin which have proven to take care of headaches and migraines, sharpen the eye and gives a lush skin. In addition, Tummy Tummy noodles contain adequate fiber and protein content needed by the body. Consuming it regularly provides the body sufficient nutrient supply, for optimal functioning.


  1. Reliefs Constipation: Tummy Tummy Noodles is of great assistance to people with constipation problems. Constipation is absolutely awful. It’s painful, uncomfortable and it really makes you wonder where that entire poop is sitting in your body. Constipation occurs when bowel movements are too hard and too difficult to pass out of your body. It can lead to stomach pain, bloating and sometimes, painful gas. Just a pack of cooked Tummy-Tummy Noodles helps to ease bowel movements because of the fiber that the noodles contain.


  1. Rich in Essential Vitamins Bs: A pack of Tummy-Tummy noodles contains 4-8 vitamins Bs, including thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2) niacin (vitamin B3) and folic acid (vitamin B9). It equally contains about 4% of the daily requirements for riboflavin and folic acid. In general, all vitamins Bs which help the body convert carbohydrates into fuel your body needs to produce energy.


  1. Better Stress Management: Apart from exercise and sleeping, diet is another vital part of successful stress management. Eating complex carbohydrates like Tummy-Tummy noodles with vegetables is actually a recommended and helpful dietary recommendation for stress management. A plate of Tummy-Tummy noodles can be a perfect choice for a comforting and calming meal during times of stress.


  1. Potential Colon Cancer Preventer: A high fiber diet helps prevent diseasess and Tummy-Tummy Noodles got it. This also promotes greater intestinal health. This can help to prevent a lot of health problems, including colorectal cancer.


If you’re looking for comfort food, Tummy-Tummy Noodles is that oodles of Noodles you should go for to leave you feeling warm and satisfied. And good news is that it is now available Nationwide. To place an order visit- www.tummytummyfoods.ng or call customer care on 07030000386.